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Purity - Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forythia


So, if y'all visited my blog on Monday you'll have seen my review of Purity by Jackson Pearce...the book. After listening to Purity, I have further thoughts that came to me about this book that are not in the other review.

Honestly, the reason, other than Ms Pearce's writing, what really kept me listening/reading Purity would have to be the Princess Ball and the prep that Shelby and her dad went through for it. I loved how they slowly began to repair their missing father-daughter relationship as they were forced to spend more time together and how it forced them to reevaluate everything that thought they knew. It was just nice to see them going from being practically strangers to having a stronger bond.

Shelby, I found to be just a little on the annoying side. I was annoyed with her for a couple of reasons, one because she was narrow sighted when it came to thinking beyond her own problems and trying to bypass the promises that she had made to her mother before her death. My other cause of complaint against Shelby would have to be that
While I did not agree with her "Lovin' Plan", because it goes horribly against my own personal beliefs, I think that Shelby's struggle in Purity is one that most teens deal with and that it will resound with others trying to figure out for themselves whether they should wait or not.
Now Jonas I liked, especially since he reminded me of Michael from Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries. Besides, how can you not like the guy friend who will drive and pick you up after a failed date.

As in my review of the book, I am still quite saddened over the way Shelby's quest ended. Now, I don't mean to be a spoil sport for those who have not read it, so I'll refrain from mentioning why I was disappointed over the ending, but if you read the content section of my other review you'll know why.


Purity is the first audiobook I have listened to with the author narrating their own book, and I must say that it was both interesting and a little odd.
It was interesting because who else can capture the voice of the character but the one who gave them life via words and paper. On the other hand it was odd because here you are listening to the book in the author's voice, while all the time you're thinking I had no idea she sounded like that. Or that could just be me.

While I do feel that Ms Pearce did a great job reading her own book, I did feel like at times she read a little fast like maybe she was a bit nervous. While her narration may have been a rapid and tongue, I do think she did an excellent job of reading Shelby's character and giving her not only a voice but life.

The only thing I did not really enjoy about the narration in Purity would have to be that she read a little fast, which when distracted by other things caused me to miss a little bit while listening to it (thankfully, I had already read the book).

Final Verdict: Purity, was at times hilarious and at other times sad and frustrating, yet well worth reading.

Purity earns 3.5 out of 5 pineapples