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Prophecy of the Guardian (Guardian of the Seventh Realm, #1)

Prophecy of the Guardian - J.W. Baccaro Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia.

First Sentence:
As a summer heat scorched the land, the stink of death could be sensed miles away.

Prophecy of the Guardian starts off with the the people of Loreladia who are forced to leave their kingdom behind after they suffered a grievous lost during their last battle with the Cullach.

One of the most fascinating things about this book, to me, would have to be the Nasharins and when they transformed (or used their unique abilities). I really liked how the three that were mentioned all had different abilities.
The pacing of PotG was fairly quick, although there wer a few points when the story seemed to kind of lag. Like when Darshun's training was being covered, but other than that it a pretty quick read.

My hope is that in the next book Darshun will have matured a little and that he won't be so easily deceived. Definitely looking forward to seeing where the story will go in the next book, especially since the ending of the first was very open ended.

Darshun, I thought he was a pretty okay character. That is until he royally screwed up and let his hormones get in the way...okay so I'm pretty sure the girl is evil and maybe even seduced him, but gosh I just wanted to throttle him near the end of the book. So cross out his idiocy near the end of the book and he's actually a fairly interesting character, but I liked him best when he was a happy-go-luck kind of person.
As for Mirabel I found him to be probably the most interesting out of the whole cast. Why, because he had more back story then some of the others, plus his personality was one that seemed to catch your attention more and pull you in.

What I liked best about Prophecy of the Guardian were the monsters that the good guys were up against. I thought they were some of the most vile, loathsome creatures that I've read about in a while and the fact that they were absolutely ruthless was a bonus. This might seem like an odd thing for my favorite part of a book, but for me if the villain is weak or sub par it just will not hold my attention.
While I really enjoyed reading Prophecy of the Guardian I have just one minor complaint. I felt that there was maybe just a bit too many things added to the mythos of the story, you had wizards who were fallen angels, elves, and horrible creatures all in one book. While it did make for interesting reading to see how everything all tied together, I felt that maybe there were just a few too many different beings in the book.

Content (will contain spoilers/highlight to see): This book is relatively clean until the last chapter or two, when Darshun and girl (I forget her name) sleep together. Language, I don't recall any while reading it.
Prophecy of the Guardian is also pretty violent at some points (beheading, loss of limbs, just general acts of violence that happen in fantasy books with war).

Final Verdict: Prophecy of the Guardian

Prophecy of the Guardian earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.