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Jack Templar, Monster Hunter - Jeff Gunhus Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia.

Jack Templar Monster Hunter was a surprisingly good read. I loved the combination of an ancient battle between creatures and humans with the story of the reluctant hero. It really made for quite the read and one that was pretty hard to put down.

I rare event has occurred, I, for once have no objections to the quirks and personality traits of the main character. I was quite surprised that there was nothing about Jack that irritated me or made me roll my eyes. I really liked that fact that the Jack did not immediately accept that he was in a monster hunter. It was definitely interesting to see his disbelief over what was happening; I also enjoyed seeing a character so unsure of himself and what he was doing because it made his story all the better because you got to see him mature into the role handed to him.

What really made this book an interesting read for me would have to be that it was action-packed from pretty much the first couple of pages. I really enjoyed that the author did not waste any time getting to the heart of the story-Jack's rough introduction into his role in the Black Guard's battle with the Creach.

Even though I really enjoyed reading Jack Templar, Monster Hunter, there was one thing I did not work for me in this book. What did not work for me was the way the main character gave warnings to the reader about how reading the book would involve them in the world of monster hunters. The reason it did not work for me was that half the time there was no space between these interjections and the actual story. Now, had it been a little aside at the end of a chapter it would have meshed with the story a little better. While I didn't like the way it was added into the story, I did enjoy the idea of it.

Final Verdict: Jack Templar, Monster Hunter is definitely one fast and thrilling read.

Jack Templar, Monster Hunter earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.