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Fall in Love Like a Comic!, Vol. 01 - Chitose Yagami, Nancy Thistethwaite Since Fall In Love Like a Comic was only two volumes long I decided that I review them together instead of individually. Fall In Love Like a Comic was so good that it has now become one of my favorites.

What made it such a great read for me was that everything was tied up so neatly at the end with absolutely nothing left unfinished.

As I read more manga books I find that I am drawn more to the lighter shojo-ish ones...like Fall In Love Like a Comic. This manga was funny and even kind of sweet, especially at the end.

Usually I get very irritated when the female MC gets all mushy over a guy (I find boring and an original) and does stupid things, like think that he's cheating on her, but Rena's antics didn't really bother me at all in this book. Why, because that's just the way the character was meant to be, plus it was totally funny (especially since it just made me laugh).

Best part of Fall In Love Like a Comic, um, that would most definitely have to be the chemistry between Rena and Tomoya. They were just such an odd couple, but oh so cute together.

While I loved it, I do have one thing that I didn't like about this manga, or to be more precise made me a bit uncomfortable. Well that would have to be the type of manga that Rena the MC drew (kind of glad there weren't any samples of her manga. They probably would have scared me from being to risqué).

Final Verdict: Fall In Love Like a Comic was well worth my time, and I'm hoping I can find it somewhere so that I can own it (especially since it's only two volumes long). While it had a couple of mature elements (nothing too much worse then what's found in YA these days), I'd definitely recommend it to older teens.

Fall In Love Like a Comic volumes 1-2 earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.