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Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls - Bennett Madison Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

First Sentence:

My name is Lulu Dark.

I actually bought Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls on a whim. It sounded like a great summertime read, plus it was on sale and only cost me $1. Am I glad that I bought it, yes; yes I am because it was a delightful summer read.

Lulu Can See Through Walls pretty much pulled me in from page one because you just kind of jump right into the story, thankfully it never feels like you have picked up a book that is missing the first few pages. What really surprised me about this book was that there was more action and danger than I had originally thought there's be, but I'm glad that there was because it kept the story moving at a decent clip.
I also really enjoyed Mr. Madison’s writing style. I think he did an excellent job of writing a quick paced mystery that was both light and fun, while still maintaining a sense of seriousness and danger at the same time. I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the next installment in this series…and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more to come.

One of the things that really made this book was the mystery aspect of it; I loved how it seemed like more than one person could have been the perpetrator of each of the calamities that befall Lulu in her quest to find her stolen purse. Yes, that made for interesting reading, but it could've gone so wrong with that many options if things hadn't been settled in what would turned out to be the most logical of solutions. Hmm, I might just have been talking in circles here...so sorry if I'm rambling on a bit but I really did enjoy this book.

From page one I loved Lulu's character and how she was adamant that she was no Nancy Drew, or any of those other mystery solver types.
While I really liked Lulu I absolutely loved her two best friends, Daisy and Charlie. I felt that all of their personalities balanced out one another’s perfectly and that without them Lulu and the book would have been missing part of made it such an enjoyable read.

Usually I have the hardest time pin pointing my favorite part of a book; thankfully that is not the case with Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls. So I bet your probably wondering what my favorite part was, well, that would have to be the big twist near the end (I'd love to go into detail, but then you wouldn't have a reason to read the book). I kind of saw were things were going, but never guessed that the mystery would play out the way it did and for that it’s my favorite.
As for what I didn't like about this book that would have to be how easily Lulu would jump to conclusions, but then again it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if she didn't.

Final Verdict: Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls was a brilliantly fun read and just right for summer.

Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.