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Deceived by the Others - Jess Haines Review from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Even though I've only been able to read the second and (now) third book in Jesss Haines' H&W Investigations, I have found them to be quite enjoyable and quick reads.

Deceived by the Others picks up just just weeks after the end of Taken by the Others, and throws the reader straight back into Shia's dangered filled life, which was cool that there wasn't this giant lapse of time between books.
While I was really excited about getting to read DbtO I was sceptical, why, because the main premise of the book was Chaz and his pack of weres. Admitally, I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to werewolves, I don't know why but I generally don't like werewolf characters.
With that in mind, I liked their role in DbtO because I felt that their presence did wonders to ratchet up the aire of danger and tension.

What really drew me into the DbtO was the writing and pacing (even though it started out a bit slow). I feel that this book is one of those that while it may start out slow, is one that by the time you get to the last page will leave you wishing it hadn't flown by so quick. Ms. Haines' writing is just as sharp and hard hitting as her MCs, Shia's, tongue when she uses barbs to hide her fear.
While this is an amazing read, I warn you that the ending is a MAJOR cliff-hanger that will ahve you wanting the next volume aat hand as soon as you finish.

There are few characters that I am able to say that I absolutely abhor, but after finishing (actually before I even finished it) DbtO Chaz quickly climbed his way near the top of the list. Gosh, I just wanted to kick him somthing fierce (his personality is the perfect example of why I don't like weres).

This might sound weird, but my favorite scene in the Deceived by the Others was when Shia was laying into Chaz and totally chewing him out. The reason that's my favorite scene was because I was glad that she stood up for herself and wasn't going to let him get away with what he did. I totally have your attention now, don't I? Too bad, so sad that's all your going to hear about this from me. *laughs evilly*

Content wise (or least favorite thing about Deceived by the Others):I only had to skip maybe a page and a half in DBtO do to some...well scandalous behavior. There was also a lot of swearing, but I don't think nearly as much as in Taken by the Others.

Final Verdict: Deceived by the Others was a gripping page-turner (I probably looked very intent as I read it...in public).

Deceived by the Others earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.