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The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Chobits Omnibus Edition Book 1 - CLAMP On a whole, I didn't care for Chobits and I barely managed to finish reading it. It wasn't that the story wasn't interesting, it was just too weird for my taste (which is saying something because usually I'm like the weirder the better).

While I didn't really enjoy this manga, what kept me reading till the end was that it had a most interesting concept. I thought that the story behind the persocoms and how they were disrupting the normal interactions between people was quite fascinating, especially when you can relate it to how people (including myself) tend to spend more of our time communicating through the internet and texting. It was just very interesting to read about.

On a whole, the artwork wasn't too bad. Although it did seem that sometimes there was just too much going on in the limited space for a couple of the panels, but other than that the art was really nice.

So what I really didn't like about Chobits was that there seemed to be a little too much swearing. Characters, I didn't really like any of them, and it's been so many books since I read it that I can't remember why I didn't care for them, but I didn't.

Final Verdict: Chobits was definitely a...unique read. Maybe not my cup 'o tea, but definitely worth trying if you think you might enjoy it.