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The Lucifer Code - Charles Brokaw The Lucifer Code was good and the story had a lot of potential, but sadly this book fell a bit flat for me.
I actually almost didn't finish reading it because I just didn't like the main character Professor Lourds; his character made it really hard for me to get in the book. He was just a very unlikeable guy, plus he came across as...well as a bit of man-ho (and that was within the first two or so pages). So I did something I rarely, if ever do. I went ahead and read the last three pages of the book before deciding if it was worth finishing.

While there were things I didn't like, I really liked how fast paced the book was and the amount of research the author must have done while working on The Lucifer Code.
One of the things I enjoyed about this book would have to be how the story was told mainly from the hero’s perspective, but it was also told from perspective of those who were the opposition (think the ultimate corruptor).

My favorite thing about The Lucifer Code would have to be how all the pieces of the puzzle came together throughout the book. It was very well written and gave you just enough to go on, while still giving you little glimpses of the big picture.

Unfortunately, this week I found quite a few problems and things I didn't enjoy about my latest read.
I'm not sure if it was just me, but it seemed like a few of the sentences were either missing a word or that maybe the wrong words were used at points, which kind of made it hard for me to truly enjoy because something’s just didn't seem to flow very well.
If you've read a lot of my reviews you'll notice that one of the biggest book turn offs for me is inappropriate content. So I'm anywhere from 80 to 100 pages into reading this book and I'm thinking to myself that I've finally found an action/thriller read that's not going to force me to have to skip pages. Nope, I wasn't that lucky; I ended up skipping around ten pages.

Final Verdict: An interesting mystery that'll keep you turning the pages. Downside, not really appropriate for anyone under 18.

The Lucifer Code earns 3 out of 5 pineapples.