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The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley I absolutely loved The Blue Sword. It had great characters and a great story that was truly captivating. Plus it had a ton of action.

One of the things that make Robin McKinley's books so good is the way that she describes the worlds that she creates and draws you completely into the book. Along with characters that are believable and yet lead very unbelievable lives.
The thing I liked most about the main character Harry would have to be how well she handled being taken away from everything she knew without turning into a ninny.
My favorite part of the The Blue Sword would have to be when Harry and her little band of Damarians, Hillfolk, and Homelanders fought against the Northerners while they were severally out numbered. I also liked when Harry participated in the Laprun Trials. I found both of those scenes to be the ones that stuck in my mind long after I have finished reading the book.
My least favorite part of the book would have to be how the end was slightly predictable, I mean the very end like the last five or ten pages. Which was when she returned to Corlath and the riders.
The Blue Sword was definitely a great finish to the delightful Damar series.