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Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 2 - Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Shiei Review taken from my blog, The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Before I delve into my thoughts on volumes 4 & 5 of Amazing Agent Luna, I just want to say how much I loved the end of the Count Von Brucken arc and the twist at the end so good, especially since I didn't even see it coming! Except now I'm left wondering what will happen in the next volume.
I'll try not to give anything away...try, but I can make no gurantees that I won't accidentally let something slip.

While volume 4 was really good, it seemed more like a bridging volume that was in essence filling in space as the Count Von Brucken arc came to a close.
Even though the story didn't actually progress very much in this volume, I found it to be enjoyable because the character relationships seemed to be redefined and made clearer...or in some cases to become more drama filled as they came to an end. In short, more of a light lead up to the more action/drama packed that is present in volume 5.

Now onto volume 5 were the plot really moves forward. In this volume you have the ending of the Von Brucken arc, the school dance, and a little more back story on Control and that's just the high points of the volume.
I really liked how the end of the arc was handled, it brought the Count Von Brucken story to a satisfying end and set the scene for following volume(s). while I never really considred to him to be too much of a threat as a villain, his schemes were lacking in follow through, I think that the new brains behind the operarion will definitely be giving Luna a hard time.

Admitally, the school dance was more funny to me than anything else in this volume, especially the lead-up when Luna and her friend (whose name escapes me) get tired of waiting to be asked to the dance.

Okay, I'm so thinking that I didn't do the omnibus justice in my review. So I'll just say here, loved it.
I didn't know it could be possible, but Luna (the character) was even better and more enjoyable of a character in volumes 4 & 5.
Like I said in my review of the first Amazing Agent Luna omnibus, I love how innocent Luna comes across as being in this series, and find her generally sweet, naive personality to be very endearing. She is still a very nice character, and I'm enjoying the development that her character has shown over the last few volumes.

As for some of the other characters in Amazing Agent Luna, like, Jonah, Count Von Brucken, Control, and Dr. Andy, I really like the bit in the story and how the further in you get the more you come to realize that many of their pasts are actually connected.

I'm still really loving the artwork on this series, especially with how expressive the eyes of the characters are. I just really, really like how you can see what the characters are feeling by only looking at the eyes. I'm sure ya'll think that's a weird statement, but I don't care.

While I loved the art in the first three volumes, I thought it was a little better in this one. Mainly because I feel that a little more attention was payed to the details, especially in the fight scenes.

Final Verdict: Amazing Agent Luna is chock full of plot-twisting goodness that'll leave you wanting the next volume in hand.

Amazing Agent Luna omnibus 2 earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.

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